Coriandrum Sativum

Coriandrum Sativum (Corainder Oil)

Coriander is culinary and medicinal herb Cilantro is categorized as one of the world’s oldest spices and herbs on record. Coriandrum Sativum L. is one of the most useful essential oil bearing spices as well as medicinal plants.

Coriander Essential oil is a rich source of active components such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, enzymes, flavors, peptides, and living cells.


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Natural Therapies
  • Traditional
  • Food & flavor
  • Cosmetics (Perfuming Agent)
  • Health
  • Hair & Skin

Active Ingredients

  • Linalool
  • Borneol
  • Cineole
  • Cymene
  • Dipentene
  • Phellandrene
  • Pinene
  • Terpineol
  • Terpinolene

Our Strict QC regime ensures all our Products & batches strictly adhere to our self- quality control test parameters and assay protocol standardized by HPLC. Heavy Metals and Microbiological profile meets IP standards. This ensure highest purity product reaches our customers.

Pharmacological Activities

The health benefits of cilantro or coriander essential oil can be attributed to its properties like Aromatic, Flavoring agent, Antioxidant, Antianxiety, Analgesic, Hormone-balancing, Antimicrobial, Antimutagenic, Antidiabetic, Preservative, Antifungal, Antilipidemic, Anti-spasmodic, Anthelminthic & Anti-Hyperglycemic

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Family                               :         Apiaceae /  Umbelliferae

Scientific Name              :         Coriandum Sativum

Common Names             :         Coriander,  Chinese Parsley, Cilantro

Country of Origin             :         India

Colour                                :         Clear to pale yellow

Odour                                 :         Sweet, fresh spicy, herbal

Solubility                           :         Soluble in alcohol and oil Insoluble in water

Extraction Method          :         Steam Distillation

Part Used                          :         Seeds


  • Cinnamon oil
  • Neroli oil
  • Ginger oil
  • Grapefruit oil
  • Bergamot oil
  • Lime Oil
  • Lemon Oil
  • Orange Oil
  • Other Citrus Oils
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Health Benefits:

  • Helps lower blood sugar
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels
  • Balances your hormones
  • Cures digestive tract disorders
  • Increases Libido
  • Promotes digestion and gut health
  • Relieves spasmodic cramps


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